Case Study: Brisbane Orthodontics


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Today I’m reviewing the Brisbane Orthodontics website – submitted to me by Adam S.

My first impression is that I love this design – it is clean, simple, and elegant.

The social icons across the top are present and visable, but not too “in your face” as with so many sites these days.

The big clear slider catches the users attention right away, and the 4 widgets across the bottom allow for clear navigation.

Their contact page utilizes a clean simple contact form that allows for easy access and inquiries.

I further liked that every page seems to contain not only information (as the site requires), but images and videos too – all of which are highly relevent.

As far as operation – the site loaded quickly and easily, I assume using a cache plugin of some sort, which meant that there was no lag for the images or animations.

One area I would recommend looking at is perhaps adding navigational menu on the side bar of the sub pages – so allow users to more easily navigate you website.

But overall Adam – I think you did a stellar job for your client!

5 Features To Look For When Choosing A WordPress Theme

WordPress has got to be one of the most popular and easily accessible website builders available today.

As such, a staggering number of websites are built founded on it’s system – and many, many people are making money lots of money selling wordpress themes.

For the non-coders among us, this simple decision is possibly the most important one you could make (apart from quality content of course!).

As such, here are some basic things to look for :

1) Layout Builder

One of the best features in a theme is the lay out builder. Good themes will have easy to use “drag and drop” builders, allowing you to structure the website to your needs easily; and removing the need for coding and short codes

2) Responsive Layout

This means that your website will adapt to the screen of whatever device the user is viewing it on.

3) Easy Admin Area

A clean easy admin area that allows you to modify the theme without any coding knowledge is what you want here.

4) Search Engine Optimized

This means that your website is ideally set up to be easily found by search engines – driving thousands of users to you!

5) Social Media & Other Widgets

A large variety of useful widgets will allow you to easily integrate all of your other social media pages and websites for easy access

Site Flipping

Since I’ve been doing so much site flipping lately, I thought I’d give you all some tips and lessons that I’ve picked up as I went along.

Depending on the size of your budget there a couple different options of where to begin:

* Budget – $20, buy the domain and hosting, use wordpress to build site, make your own content
* Medium – $150, buy domain with pre-existing PR and hosting; and outsource everything
* Loaded – Who care about money?, buy an established site, spruce it up and sell it

To start off with, install Google Analytics on every site you plan to build and sell – so that you have proof of traffic and income.

There are many different types of sites that you can sell, but here are a few ideas:

* Do a little bit of keyword research, find a good niche, get a domain, throw up some articles
* Buy and learn a tool, then offer it as a service on your website. When you get bored of doing said service – sell the business
* Make a product (for example, an ebook), make a squeeze page, sell said product, and then sell site when sales start to drop off
* Buy a domain with preexisting page rank, add some content and sell (people have an obsessive love for PR)

As a general rule, don’t get your hopes up for a new site – DP  won’t get you much more than $50, whereas on Flippa you might manage to get $200 (but have to pay the fees).

Now for most of you, that won’t be anything new  – so let’s move on.

For bigger sites, I always say sell it on Flippa. It has the most traffic of a standalone website marketplace, and a number of buyers with a lot of cash to burn.

What I tend to do, is browse DP for cheap sites, do all my checks against their stats (if they don’t add up – they’re lying; move on).

Once you find a site, pay for it and get to work. Aim for sites you can add the most value to. For example, if you’re really good at design, fing an ugly site and make it look awesome.

It’s definitely not rocket science, but start out small because there is definitely a learning curve.

I also recommend doing some basic on-site SEO, because sites that sell well on Flippa usually have organic traffic earnings from Adsense.

Now a few tips for Flippa:

* STAND OUT. You need to SELL the site to the buyers – so use attention grabbing titles with good selling points.
* Buy auction upgrades. Don’t skimp out now! Get that front page listing! You will get 10x more traffic and 10x more likely to sell.
* Write a good description with as much detail as possible.
* Avoid mentioning that you only bought the site 3 days ago. People like a website to have a consistent history.
* The buyers here love page and alexa rank – use this.
* Unique is good – unique content, unique design etc, adds a lot of value to buyers.
* Offer free hosting/free transfer with the site
* Incentivise the BIN price – offer some free add on’s (such as articles etc.)
* If you’re site doesn’t get bids early don’t be worried – the number of watchers is the important part (over 20 is very good).
* Auto-accepting bids is a bad idea. Especially if it is a BIN.
* Answer questions honestly and promptly.

Here’s a good video explaining the process further:

Build A Blog In Under 4 Minutes!

Today I thought I’d show you all – especially those of you who are wanting to begin a website but are hesitating, just how quick and easy it is.

Realistically, the total cost is about $17.

The two elements involved are:

1. Domain

2. Hosting

For domains, I like to use Namecheap, because all their domains come with free Whois privacy (means that the whole world can’t see you personal details by looking up your website) which a lot of registrars charge for.

As far as hosting goes, I’ve always used Bluehost – from the very beginning, and as such – trust them implicitly.

Almost all of my websites and businesses run on them, and I love their customer support (their live chat feature especially) and reliability.

I constantly hear horror stories from people online who are constantly dealing with massive hosting headaches. I never have them with Bluehost.

Below is a great video below by Pat from the SPI blog.

The video below walks you through all of the the exact steps you’ll need to take to set up your website on Bluehost – and 4 minutes it all you’ll need!


Domain: Namecheap

Hosting: Bluehost


Good Luck!

5 Great Tools To Get You Started with your Website!

1. Domain

For domains, I always go with Namecheap Because not only is the user interface incredible and reliable, but because every domain comes with free Whois Privacy!

2. Hosting

Almost all of my websites are hosted on Bluehost.

Why? Well – it’s incredibly easy to use, has 1-click automatic WordPress installation, and their customer service is excellent!

I RECOMMEND VERY HIGHLY using Bluehost for your site.

3. WordPress

WordPress is the #1 Blog Publishing Platform.

Best of all – it’s completely free and easily customizable with wonderful support. All of my blogs use WordPress.

4. WordPress Themes

Although there are many great free themes available, if you really want your site to sparkle, there are thousands of premium themes available from Themeforest

5. Clicky Analytics

If you’re going to be running a website, having up to date statistics is crucial for monitoring your performance. Clicky Analytics are my favorite because of their real time stats – plus they’re free!