14 Articles Showcasing Excellent Typography

August 20, 2009 in Identity, Inspiration, Photography, Showcases by Designussion

Typography has always been a fascination of mine. The simple changes that designers are able to make to spice up a font into something totally different is magical. In this post, Designussion showcases several articles that really show off what other designers have been able to achieve. If you enjoyed any of the pieces or articles posted, please leave the author or designer some feedback.

Vintage and Retro Typography Showcase

vintage typo showcase

This showcase by the popular smashing magazine focuses on vintage and retro typography that has inspired the modern work seen today.

Typography Inspiration Showcase

inspiration showcase

This showcase focuses on typography that will be inspirational to other designers. It really does it job well, showcasing some fantastic designs.

Showcase Of 45 Mind-Blowing Signage, Street And Urban Typography Photos

typography photos

Not all typography is on paper and this showcase proves that. Take a look at 45 photographic examples of how typography is used on the street.

15 Excellent Examples Of  Web Typography

web typo

Typography is also on the web. In this showcase, ilovetypography showcases some excellent example of how typography is used around the web. Interesting and inspirational if you are designing a new website.

60+ Really awesome Typography Showcases

60 awesome

There are indeed many ways in which designers can use typography to deliver a message or a specific emotion. The fonts used and the way the text is organized can be turned into a art work itself and as you will see below it is only the fantasy and imagination of each designer that defines the limits.

Illustrated typography showcase


With help from Illustrator typography can become something else. Take a look at what some digital artists have been able to achieve.

Corporate Design – Showcases and Typographic Resources


Taking a look at corporate websites, this showcase displays some excellent examples of well used typography whilst still keeping within the corporate image.

10 Beautiful Motion Typography Videos

typo video

There’s a gorgeous motion typography called kinetic typography. Kinetic typography is the specially name for floating and jumping text and is an animation technique for combination of text for motion designs which I really like.

Ultimate Typographic Logos Inspiration


Using typography only in a logo often proves to be a hard job. In this showcase, Abuzeedo showcases some fantastic examples of typographic logos.

Cool Flyers, Posters, Leaflets – Great Flyer Design Inspiration


Need inspiration for your next flyer design project? Here are some cool designs that allgraphicdesign have come across where funky typography is used.

53 Mind-blowing Uses of Typography


Here PSDTuts collected 53 stunning uses of typography by eight different designers. They hope you’re inspired by this selection!

Fantastic Frilly Bits Typography Inspiration


From feathers to smoke, it’s amazing how creative these artists can be. Check it out and enjoy. Amazing post by Abuzeedo.

Sexy, Bold And Experimental Typography


Sometimes typography is all you need to communicate your ideas effectively. Graphics can support the type or type can support the graphics, but to deliver the message precisely, you need to make sure your type is expressive enough, your design is distinctive enough and the composition is strong enough.

Inspirational Brochures & Booklets


A great place to find design inspiration is in brochures, flyers and leaflets. Companies have been using these marketing tools for 100’s of years now. With the advances in printing the designs are limitless. The results of this creative marketing can be stunning.

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