18 Outstanding Typography Photoshop Tutorials Of 2010

January 25, 2010 in Inspiration, Showcases, Tutorials by Designussion

Typography is always a fascinating aspect of design and some designers are better at it than others. Each and every designer has had to develop and learn their own techniques to be able to produce some of the great typography art work they do. Luckily enough, the design community is active and many designers are nice enough to provide us with tutorials on how they create their typography.

In this post, Designussion showcases 18 outstanding typography tutorials to get you started.

How To Create A Gold Text Effect In Photoshop

10 minute tutorial type within type

photorealistic perspective

The wornweatheredstamped look

web design trend showcase letterpress text effect

How to Create Eroded Metal Text with Photoshop

How to Create 3D Text Blocks in Photoshop

Create 3-d With Awesome Lighting

Create a Cool Wet Ink Typography Effect in Photoshop

Grunge Type Photoshop Tutorial

How to Make Patch on Clothes

Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough

Distorted type effects

Create a Transparent Text Effect with Fresh Grass Texture and Custom Brushset

The new way to create 3D text


How to Create High Quality Metal 3D Text in Photoshop

How to Create a Copper Photoshop Text Effect

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