20 Articles To Help You Grow As A Web Designer

December 22, 2009 in CSS, Freebies, Inspiration, Showcases, Tutorials by Designussion

As a designer, there is always room for improvement, growth and inspiration. To achieve all three, it is often best to go out and read what other designers are doing as they provide a great source of inspiration and growth to others . So in this post, Designussion showcases 20 articles that will help you grow as a web designer. If you enjoyed any of the posts showcased in this post, please visit the original article and leave a comment.

Can You Be a Web Designer?

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Design and Converting it to HTML and CSS

In Defense of The Jack of All Trades


The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing

22 Really Useful Online Tools for Web Designers and Bloggers

Mastering CSS Coding: Getting Started


Styling Post Headings That Stick Out


47 Useful Adobe AIR Apps for Web and Graphic Designers

Content Heavy Websites with Beautiful Structure, Layout and Hierarchy

30 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Web Layouts and UIs

Comment Form Styling: Examples and Best Practices


15 Time Saving CSS Tools You Should Be Aware Of

A Round-Up of Useful Web Apps for Web Designers

75 PSD to HTML Resources for Web Designers

63 Popular And Promising Web Design Blogs

Creative Uses of Illustration in Website Design

14+ Web Development And Design Blogs That Are Worth To Follow

The Most Common Design Mistakes That Web Developers Make

How to Code a Clean Portfolio Design (Plus Free Five-Page Template)

The Mystery Of The CSS Float Property

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