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A couple of years ago, I was young and naive so I made the error of reading Rhonda Byrne’s book
“The Secret” which tries (and fails) to explain an idea which it calls “The law of attraction”. After wasting a good few hours of my life reading about this “law” i realised that it was complete and utter rubbish and the only “secret” about the book is that it is terrible!

As with any self help books there were a few valid points, for example the book explains excellent ways of motivating yourself, however i would strongly urge you not to waste your time with this pile of junk that calls itself a book. All of the remotely decent points found in this book can easily be found elsewhere, so trust me, elsewhere is where you want to look. Try reading some genuine work by Tony Robbins or Timothy Ferriss.


Whether it’s a better hourly rate, more money or just more free time to enjoy yourself that you want, the key is visualisation.

Visualise what you want then break it down into small acheivable steps, dont make the mistake that many make and jump straight in at the deep end. Smaller, bite-sized chunks enables you to take that extra step towards your goal.

Start working through your bite-size steps one at a time, making sure you focus on the important tasks first and in no time you’ll on the road to achieving yours goals.

Picture this; your a new Freelancer with the ultimate goal to gain an income, therefore it’s clear that you need some clients.

Step 1, ‘create a sample portfolio’, ‘start your own blog’, ‘do some market research’ and so on. Eventually this will lead to ‘get yourself a client’, keep going step by step and you will soon find yourself acheiving your goals.


I know i’ve mentioned it already, but visualisation is key! In order to motivate yourself to work towards your goals, visualise what you will achieve by getting there. If your a freelancer who’s dream is to drive around in a Lamborghini Gallardo or own a villa in the Bahamas, dont just sit around thinking ‘it will never happen’, instead think ‘how can i make it happen’. Get a picture of the car or that villa and put it on your notice board, spend 5 minutes a day looking at the picture and think how it would feel to own it, visualise how you are going to get it! This should set you up for the day and give you the motivation you need so to achieve your goals.


Who says you’ll never afford that Villa? That Lamborghini? The answer? YOU! If you sit around thinking you can’t achieve great things, then you won’t. Beleive in your ability, beleive that you have the ability to make the money, get those clients, retire early. This is not to say that this won’t require hard work, but by beleiving and actively focusing on your goals you will find yourself armed with the drive to achieve what you want. Believe in yourself and you’ll find your clients more satisfied, your time better spent and yourself enjoying what you do. Remember, your are in the position you are because you have skills that
other people do not. You are a freelancer for a reason and that reason is talent, beleive in this talent and you will soon be on your way to acheiving your goals!


“The Secret” may be a waste of time, but a clear message throughout most decent self help books has been summarised above.

If you want to be a successful freelancer then the key is action!

Take the steps talked about above now!

Don’t think ‘I’ll do it tommorrow’ as tommorrow will becoming the next day and the next day will become never. Take control of your career, take control of your life and push yourself to acheive what you know you can!

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